Faerie Card Reading for the Week of May 22 – 28, 2017

Card: Yemanya – from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. 

“Like the ocean, life moves in waves and tides. Timing is everything, so when an opportunity presents itself, you must dive in at that moment. Everything that you’ve done to prepare yourself will accompany you. Yet, if you hesitate or procrastinate, another will surely come along just as the tides wash in and out continuously. Like the ocean, life is rich with variety and beauty. Enjoy experiencing its various rhythms, and allow all doubts to be washed away. “

Message from the Faeries: Just like last week’s card, the card for this week features the ocean, waves and a dolphin. Last week we told you not to try and control everything, and we are following that by saying that when you let go and take it easy – when you are going with the flow – you will find that opportunities will naturally come your way. 

Dolphins have a wonderful philosophy on life. They really are just about joy and following their own bliss. They like to play and have as much fun as possible. They are always surrounding themselves and  with love and happiness. They really know how to go with the flow. They don’t fight the currents and tides of life, they have mastered the are moving with waves of life with ease and grace. 

Yemanya, the goddess of the sea, has shown up this week to tell you to relax, have fun and go with the flow. If you follow her advice, you will find that you and the ocean of life can become one. You will move easily through the waters and instead of feeling like you are being drowned, and you will float through your days more peacefully. When something, or someone, comes along that tickles your fancy, catch that wave and follow your bliss. 

We love you,

The Faeries


Faerie Card Reading for the Week of February 13 – 19, 2017

Card: 34 Pua (Flower) – from the Mana Cards: The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom by Catherine Kalama Becker, PH.D. and Doya Nardin. 

“Pua indicates a time of power blossoming. A Hawaiian proverb says that flowers thrive when living conditions are good. Flowers are often compare to children in Hawaiian literature. Living conditions will become good for all children of the earth if human beings enter into sustainable relationships with the earth and one another.”….

“When Pua appears, it is time to gather your resources and focus your energy so that a new consciousness can emerge. Pua blossoms indicate it is time to open, advance, go forward. You may advance through clear thoughts, words, or actions. You may need to have a heart-to-heart talk with someone. Pua indicates that when you go forth with focused intentions, honest speech, and directed action, all that you cultivate will grow and flourish.”

Message from the Faeries: We want to remind you that even during times of darkness, you can grow and flourish. In fact, this might me the most optimal time for you to blossom. The appearance of Pua is a sign that this will be a time or growth and movement and that you can achieve great things right now. 

Like the Hawaiian warrior on this card, it is time for you to take your spear and aim it. A warrior’s aim is true. A warrior doesn’t get distracted from the task at hand. They have a very clear purpose in life and they have an end goal or target that they must achieve. 

Think of yourself as a warrior. A Warrior of Light. A Rainbow Warrior. You are here for a divine purpose. What better time than now to put yourself out there are achieve your life’s purpose. If you don’t feel like you know your life’s purpose, we are more than happy to tell you – to just be you. Be the best you you can possibly be. That’s it!  Seems pretty simple, no? 

Being the best you-warrior-self means being honest and true to yourself and others at all times. It sounds easy, but you know that it’s much more difficult than it sounds. You live in a world that often discourages authenticity. 

Now, more than ever, it is important that you stop hiding your true self and feelings. This might bring you into conflict with people, but don’t be afraid. There is no need to argue or fight with anyone. In fact, we strongly urge you not to. It’s now time to communicate in a calm and clear way at every opportunity, and to communicate from a place of love, patience and understanding. 

Being authentic and a warrior also means that you do the things that make you happy. You engage in activities that make you feel good and bring you joy. You spend less time doing things that bring you no joy. You also do things that make other people happy and make them feel good about being alive. 

So, please, don’t be overwhelmed by these dark days. Instead, get out there and do the things you love to do – even do it to spite the darkness, if you so desire – and bring joy and happiness to the world. Be the light! 

We love you, 

The Faeries 

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of February 6 – 12, 2017

Card: Shine Your Light – Archangel Uriel – from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray. 

“You are blessed to have received this Angel card today, as the Angels feel the world is now ready to see the special gifts and talents that they call your light. You have been hiding yourself from the world for too long and now is the time for you to step into your power and share the gifts you have with all those around you. You are a great beacon of light and when you walk into the room many people benefit from your positive energy and heart- filled presence.”

Message from the Faeries: We, as The Fae, are not nearly as gentle or as kind as The Angels. Our message for you this week is quite blunt, and perhaps a little bit rude, and we make no apologies. Our message to you is clear: Stop fucking around!  

Yeah, that’s right. You heard us correctly: stop messing around! It’s time to get to work! This is it. This isn’t an audition. This isn’t practice. This isn’t a dry run. This is the real deal!  This is the moment you have been waiting for. You’ve been waiting for this your whole life. If you were looking for the opportunity to shine, we’ll this is it. 

We know, things are tough right now. Things feel dark. The world feels like a scary place. We aren’t going to sugarcoat this for you. Things are a little dark and scary. Guess what?  You are the light in the darkness! Imagine how dark the night sky would be without the stars. One star in the sky bring a little light. A night sky full of stars is bright and beautiful. 

Now is not the time to dim your light. Now is not the time to hide under a rock. Now is not the time to be shy. You’ve got to get out there and shine a light. Every day ask yourself: what have I done to make the world a little lighter? Have you made someone smile? Have you made someone laugh? Did make someone’s day better? This is your job. This is what you are here for. 

Shine a light! 

We love you, 

The Faeries. 

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of November 21 – 27, 2016

Card: Walk Away – from Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Messages from the Faeries: We know the card for you this week says ‘Walk Away’ but the truth is that sometimes you can’t walk away or sometimes you choose not to walk away. Walking away is sometimes too easy and isn’t always the right answer to your problems. 

When things get tough or difficult, of course you want to walk or run away, but is that the right thing to do? This is what we want you to be seriously asking yourself right now: is walking away the right thing to do? It’s a heavy and it’s a deep question and only you can know the answer to that question. 

You need to look inside your heart to see what the answer is and you might be surprised to what answer you find. For example, maybe you are having a tough time at work. Maybe you even hate your job. Leaving seems like the only option for your well being. But maybe you might find your heart saying: right now is not th right time. That could be a difficult answer to hear, but if this the case you may then want to consider: if I have to stay in this situation right now, what can I do to make things better? 

If your situation is stressful, but it’s not the time to walk away, how can you manage to get through this? Make sure you are managing your stress, eating well and getting enough sleep. Try not to engage in unhealthy behaviours like gossip and too much negative talk. Don’t spend too much time on social media and news sites that might elevate your stress. Take care of yourself during these trying times. There is a greater purpose and meaning to all of this that you will come to see and understand over time. 

This, of course, also applies to what’s happening around the world today. Unfortunately, walking away might not be an option right now.. You can’t pretend or ignore what is happening in your communities. What you can do is choose how you are going to engage: are you going to be part of the change or are you going to be part of the problem?  Remember that walking away can sometimes mean that you become part of the problem. You know in your heart what you need to do, so please listen. 

We love you. 

The Faeries 

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of October 24 – 30, 2016


Card: Healing, Healed, Healer – from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

“The situation you’re inquiring about is healing.  Your prayers have been heard and are being answered at this very moment. You have healing abilities that you can use for the benefit of this situation, as well as to help other people heal.”

Message from the Faeries: Being in the middle of a healing, in the process of being healed, while performing the task of being a healer. Healing, healed and healer are not things that you do at different times. You are often doing all three at once. You don’t have to be healed to become a healer, and you can still be healing yourself while healing others. Truthfully, there is no real separation between the acts of healing, being healed or being a healer.

This week you are definitely wearing all three hats. There is a massive healing energy that is surrounding the planet right now. There is always healing around you, but right now there are other beings who are visiting from far away that are hear to assist in some global healing. Not only are your ancient ancestor here to assist in healing right now, there are beings from other dimensions and universes who have come to help. Maybe this sounds a bit intense, but this sort of things happen from time to time.

Why is all this healing energy happening right now? There are some major changes that are happening right now on your planet and there are some things that are lining up in the future that require all of you healers to be strong and ready, so that you can assist others, and so that you can take care of yourself. This healing that is happening is strong, powerful and life changing. It can be intense and might feel a little extreme, but this healing will aid you in your ongoing transformation.

We sincerely wish that you all open your hearts to receive these healing energies this week. They will help you in ways that you could never imagine. Now is the time for miracles to take place. Now is the time for the unimaginable to happen. The only limitations are the ones that you create for yourself. While the future may feel a bit frightening, you really have nothing to fear. You have asked for assistance, and it has come in many shapes or forms to help you at this time.

We love you,

The Faeries

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Faerie Card Reading for the Week of October 10 – 16, 2016

Card: 24 Time for a Nap – from the Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards by Colette Baron-Reid. 

“You are a human being, not a human doing. You’ve worked hard and nourished people and projects, but now you are an empty well and have no reserves for others or for yourself. Don’t let your ego keep you going full speed when your body and spirit need rest.”

Message from the Faeries: This week it is very important that you slow things down a little and take some time to look after yourself and rest. The changing of the seasons also means the changing your own natural rhythms. There are times where everything feels like it’s moving slowly, and it is. Now is one of those times to take a rest and recuperate. 

Now is not a good time to be making big plans or to be making any big changes now your life.  It’s time to move slowly and be very deliberate. If you take on anything new this week, you will likely become too overhwhelemed and ill equipped. If an opportunity comes your way, try to delay it by a week or two, or accept it but don’t act on it too quickly. Everything must be slowed down. 

What do we mean by slow down? Why slow down? Slowing down means taking the time to really stop and take a long pause – take a moment to really absorb what’s going on. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – where are you at? What’s really going on with you? Pay attention and observe, and just begin to think of how you want to move forward, but no action should be taken. Just relax and daydream.

When is it time to act? Action can be taken when the moon becomes full again at the end of the week. Until then, rest up and take it easy. Be slow like molasses. 

We love you,

The Faeries

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of September 26 – October 2, 2016

Card: You Are Gifted – from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. 

“This card wants you to know that you’re very intelligent. Like a high-speed computer, you have the ability to learn and memorize a lot of material. You’re especially gifted in finding out which topics interest you. You also have the gift of creativity. With your wisdom, and your ability to see things in a special way, you can be successful at almost anything! “

Message from the Faeries: The change of season has brought a new flow of energy into the mix this week. This would be a great time to put energy into a project or  to do something fun and creative. 

If you are feeling like your creative juices are not flowing, or that your brain feels foggy, we recommend that you take a look at your physical body. Are you eating well? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you exercising? You need to get your energies flowing physically in order to get them flowing mentally. 

Believing in yourself is also a major component to just about everything in life. Self-doubt can stop you from accomplishing your dreams. We believe in you. Your loved ones believe in you. None of that matters or you don’t believe in yourself. 

Let’s say you have a dream of writing a book. If you feel too tired all the time, you aren’t going to feel like writing it. Taking care of your health will help give you energy to write. If you feel like you don’t have the talent to write, then you might not ever pick up the pen. Just do it! Write your book! What do you have to lose? If anything, just do it for yourself. Who cares if nobody else likes it! Just do it! Better to have lived knowing you tried then to have never have tried at all. 

We love you. 

The Faeries 

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of July 25 -31, 2016

Card: Playfulness – from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. 

“Fun and play is the angels’ way! They guide you to add fun to your life, and to know that fun is a necessity, not a luxury.”

Message from the Faeries: It’s easy to get caught up in the mundaneness of life. Most of you have to work to get by in the world. You have your daily routine. Get up, go to work, work all day, come home, make dinner, watch tv, go to bed. The next day you wake up and start all over. 

Frankly, this is no way to live life. We understand that most of you don’t feel you really have a choice and we respect that. The reality you born into really doesn’t present you with many options. However, you do have choice. We propose that you try to have a bit more fun. 

Try, every day, to do something you find to be fun. It has to be somethings playful. So, maybe after you finished your dinner, don’t turn on the tv. Instead do something you really enjoy. Whatever it is. Sewing, writing, going for a walk, going out for tea with a friend, singing a song, dancing, exercising…whatever you think is fun. You may try to convince yourself that you don’t have the time or energy, but this is just your ego. Ignore it. When you do the things you find fun, you have more energy. 

Think about all the people you know that make a living doing the things they love – artists, musicians, athletes, etc – they are successful because they do activities they enjoy all day long. Imagine how you would feel if you purposefully added enjoyment a and playfulness to your life. 

Children are often having a good time, playing and they have no guilty feelings about it. They want to play and they just do it without a thought. They get cranky when they can’t play when they want to. Well, if you are feeling a bit cranky, maybe it’s because you aren’t letting yourself play enough. 

Go out and play! 

Love, The Faeries

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of June 6 – 12, 2016

Card: Children – from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. 

“You are asked to pay extra attention to your children or your inner child right now. New children may be coming into your life very soon.”

Message from the Faeries: For those of you who have children in your life, we ask that you spend some quality time with them this week and that you give them extra attention. This is not so much for their own benefit, although they would benifit, but it’s more for your own sake. 

Sometimes people get too caught up in adulthood and being an adult. There is a bit of a lie that most people buy into that being an “adult” is such an important thing, and that it’s much more important that being a child. This is simply not the case. In fact, we thing that being a “child” is far more superb. 

Children are so wonderous. They are full of this special energy and they carry such pure qualities. They are more connected to the world around them and they don’t have all the hang-ups that adults seem to have. It’s sad when a person loses their innocence or when they are burdened with so many responsibilities that they forget how to have fun. 

Even if you don’t have children in your life, remember some of the joy and wonder you experienced as a child. What can you do to capture some of that for yourself today? What sparks your curiosity and your questioning mind? What inspires you to hop, skip and jump? Have you found any treasures recently, and did you bury them somewhere secret and draw a map? When was the last time you pretended to go on an adventure and packed yourself some food and some of your favourite items to begin your quest, only to go and hide in the park for a few hours? 

There are some “adults” who have managed to keep their childlike wonder about them their whole life. If you met someone like that you would know right away what we are talking about. They are forever young and very happy people. It’s not too late for you to rekindle that part of yourself. 

We hope you are able at least give your inner child a play date. Go hide in the forest and make up stories about the faeries that live there. Make a blanket fortress. Scrounge the house for change and go to the corner store for candy. Do whatever you fancy without a care in the world. 

We love you. 

The Faeries 

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of March 28 – April 3, 2016

Card: Ishtar – from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. 

“She’s been worshipper and invoked since ancient Babylonian times as the embodiment of Venus’s womanly energy. Ishtar represents the Divine feminine in all of her aspects, including nurturing, mothering, sensuality, fertility, healing, protection, and wisdom. As multidimensional goddess, Ishtar doesn’t tire of helping the men and women who call upon her for assistance. “

Message from The Faeries: With the arrival of spring, and the celebration of Easter this weekend, we invoke the divine goddess energies for you for this upcoming week. 

Ishtar is one of the more ancient goddesses and she is very near and dear to our hearts. The reason why we love her so much is that she is not only such a loving, kind and gentle goddess, but she is also so strong, brave and noble. She is a very balanced being. 

The reason that Ishtar is so evenly balanced is because she knows exactly when to say and and exactly when to say no. Everything she does is with exquisite precision. She says and does everything with careful thought and consideration. Some people think that she is absolute perfection. Truthfully, everything and everyone is already perfect as is. 

This week it is very important that you say what you mean, and that you mean what you say. It goes the same for your actions. Only do the things that you mean and want to do. Of course, there may be obligations that you can’t get out of that you don’t really want to do. Honour those obligations, but try to find the balance by doing the things you really want to do. 

Know when to say yes and when to say no. The best way know is to listen to your heart and follow your hearts instructions. Listen carefully and be true. If you find yourself having to say no to someone and it’s hard to do, remember that you don’t have to use force to communicate.

 It’s okay to show remorse and be vulnerable in your truth. You can always say something like: “I really want to be able to say yes and help you right now, but I am not able to today. I’m sorry I can’t help you.” We have observed that some people feel the need to be cold or harsh when they say no, and this not very graceful. Try to use your grace when you have to say no, it will help yourself and the other person to accept your truth. 

We love you. 

The Faeries