Faerie Card Reading for the Week of July 17 – 23, 2017

Card: 27 MAMALAHOE – from the Mana Cards: The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom by Catherine Becker and Doya Nardin.

“The splintered paddle represents compassion. It is a reminder that the quest for power or success should not allow your ego to interfere with your ability to be compassionate towards yourself or other people. Self-centeredness driven by ego can cloud your ability to empathize with others. What you give to others will be given back to you. If you forget to have compassion for the weakness, faults, and failures of others, then you risk becoming shortsighted, unfair, emotionally cold, torn up or dead inside.” 

Message from the Faeries: What is humanity lacking in abundance right now? Compassion. There just isn’t enough compassion in the world. If there was a lot of compassion, there wouldn’t be so many people suffering and at odds with themselves and each other.

Most of you are way too harsh on yourselves. You are super critical, unkind, judgemental and miserly with yourself. This causes so many of the struggles and problems that you have in your life. It causes you to have a terrible relationship with yourself, and it’s why you have so many difficulties in your relationship with others. 

If an alien landed on your planet, and they were a compassionate alien, they would see how awful everyone was to themselves and each other and they would probably hop back on their spaceship and fly away. They would come back to visit sometime in the future in hopes that you have all learned a thing or two about compassion, because they see the seeds of compassion planted inside of you, and they know the potentiality of humanity. 

If you have a difficult time being compassionate towards others, then begin with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Don’t be judgemental towards yourself. Be generous to yourself. Be loving to yourself. Once you are for real being compassionate towards yourself, it will be easy to be compassionate towards others.  Why are you more compassionate towards some people more than others? Everyone deserves love and compassion. Imagine a world where this was true? 

We love you. 

The Faeries 


Faerie Card Reading for the Week of April 8-14

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of April 8-14

Card: Kindness from the Healing with the Faeries deck by Doreen Virtue.


Erin: I started to write out the description that came with the card and the faeries told me to forget about it, haha. I had asked them to pick a really lovely card for you guys this week and this is the message they want you to hear: Kindness. This is such a sweet card. The big faerie (who looks like Cher, btw) is being kind to the bunny and the wee little faerie is being kind to the bunny as well. I started to wonder why they were looking after the bunny and then I realized it didn’t matter why they were taking care of the bunny, what matters was they were being kind to one another. Sometimes, perhaps more often that I would like to think, I forget to be kind to others and I forget to be kind to myself. Why would I even need a reason to be kind?

Message from the Faeries: Be kind to each other, dear ones. This world is hard enough for most of you as it is. Most of you experience some degree of stress in your lives, and sometimes we see you not just giving others a hard time, but you also are really hard on yourselves. Be kind to each other and most importantly be kind to yourselves.

Kindness is so easy! Kindness can come in so many forms: Say hello to your neighbour whom you have never spoken to. Take a day to practice non-judgement. Smile at the stranger sitting across from you on the bus. Offer to do something for your parent. Make a gift for a friend. Have a group of people over and make them a delicious meal. Compliment your co-worker. Look at yourself in the mirror with loving eyes. Say something nice about yourself. Try to spend a week where you don’t criticize yourself or others. There are endless ways to demonstrate kindness.

A little bit of kindness goes a long way!

Chances of are pretty high that if up your kindness game, others will be inspired to do the same. How bad would it be if everyone started to be more kind to one another? We ask that you please take this week to practice more kindness in the world. We promise that you will see some amazing results!

Affirmation: I am kind, thoughtful, and loving to myself and others.