Faerie Card Reading for the Week of November 27 – December 3, 2017

Card: Starfish – from the The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit cards by Kim Krans.

“The starfish is a natural and exquisite beauty, mesmerizing to all. Being around someone with starfish energy is a thrill, like you’ve been put under a spell of divinity itself. The problem is, these creatures have been reliant on how they look (and what other people think of them) for so long that they may have forgotten their life’s deeper calling. When this card appears it’s important to ask: Am I being swayed by outward appearances? What dreams have I put aside to please others?”

Message from the Faeries: This is your week to shine like a star. Go out there and be your bright and vibrant self. It’s okay to sometimes be the person in the room that everyone room gravitates towards. It can be lots of fun being the centre of attention. We encourage you to explore your star-like qualities and to find enjoyment in your glamorous self.

Of course, when someone’s star qualities are out of balance and they become desperate for attention, this can be an unhealthy behaviour. The opposite shadow aspect of this is when you shun the spotlight and withdraw too much into yourself. We aren’t asking you to go out and become a celebrity (unless you really want that!), we are just asking you to go out and have more fun.

We also think it can be joyful and exciting to put yourself out there. Put on some of your best clothes, maybe put on a little make-up or put on your fancy shoes. Pay attention to how you feel when you put a little effort in your appearance. If it feels good, why don’t you do it more often. Also, pay attention to how other people react to you when you put a bit more effort your self-care. How does that make you feel? Have fun with it!

We love you,

The Faeries


Faerie Card Reading for the Week of February 16th – 22nd, 2015


Card: 28 The Magician – from The Heart of Faerie Oracle by Brian and Wendy Froud.

“Tricks and illusions, the Magician can make us believe anything. Is it real? Probably not. Does she have any real power? Who knows? If you want a bit of magic, a bit of Faerie glamour, she’ll create that illusion for you. She can make you believe that you are the most fascinating and attractive person in the world. She can make the person you are attracted to feel that way about you, too. For a while. Remember, it’s an illusion. When she walks away (and she will), she’ll take that glamour with her, and you’ll be left as you were before she came along. So it’s your choice, take her magic, use it if it helps you, but be ready to take responsibility for yourself and your actions when the glamour wears off. It’s rather like luck. It can get you into an attractive situation, but only your skill and self-reliance can sustain the situation, but only your skill and self reliance can sustain the situation and turn it into something you can depend on it.”

Message from The Faeries: This week we are asking you to keep everything very real. What do we mean by that? Well, that’s a very complicated question. You have a complex “reality”. On one hand, everything is an illusion. On the other hand, your human experience is very much real. This makes your “reality” very vulnerable.

To make it very simple, what we want to say to you is: Do not give away your free-will to anyone. You are regularly tricked into doing this by all kinds of charlatans – politicians, friends, family – people will do anything to get you under their power. Here is the other side of that coin – you are more than willing to give up your power to them. Why? It’s easier to assign blame then to take the blame for what, in the end, is your own actions and decision.

It is so easy to get swept into other people’s reality. This is one of unique things about your world. You are the creator of your own reality, and yet you all are also collectively experiencing it together. You razzle and dazzle each other. You are all like The Magician in this card. Some of you are much better at it than others. You are able to glamour each other and yourself into doing all kinds of things, but often, when it comes time to taking responsibility, you skip on your bill. Some of you call this karma. Karma is when the debt collector shows up on your doorstep and makes you pay up.

It can be really fun to play The Magician, especially for those of you who are really good at it. And perhaps there are times where your loved ones will willingly oblige you to play that part, but the choice is always yours. Do you really need to use glamour to get what you want? Do you really need to use tricks and lies on yourself and others? It’s time to put your tricks away and be your authentic self. Just be honest with yourself and with everyone around you. Make it real and raw. Don’t hide anything. Bare it all. This is the best way to create real magic in your life.

Real magic is when you see things for what they really are and you bask in the glory of it all, because you recognize the perfection and beauty in everything that is – just the way it is.

We love you.

The Faeries