Blue Fae Tidings

The dreamer has yet to sleep
Awake waiting for sweet slumber

Eyes growing heaving
Once again wide open

The blue messenger made of ether
Swirls and dances before the dreamer

This is no dream
No figment of the imagination
This is a divine delivery
A divine intervention

The blue messenger brings good tidings
A note from above
The future holds excitement for you
It has been written

Be ready
Be prepared
Be calm

Who is this sweet blue messenger?
What is thy name?
The answer is a delicious whisper
That holds no truth

Blessing to you Blue Fae
May your name remain thine own
Yours to keep for eternity
Your gifts cherished forever



Psychic Broken Telephone

Psychic Broken Telephone – Notes from the Frontlines

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while now. I feel that perhaps if I were to share some of my own personal observations and experiences as a clairvoyant being, it would help assist other people along their own journey. Life has it’s trials and tribulations, and why not help each other out along the way. 

Over the past few years, I have been having more and more intense ethereal experiences in my life, and I find that I have become quite sensitive to other people’s energies. Someone once asked me if I knew what they were thinking, and thank goodness I do not have radar thought ears, because to be honest that would really really suck. I have absolutely no interest in knowing what other people are thinking. It’s bad enough that I can sometimes feel what other people are feeling, I don’t need a play by play on peoples thoughts. Also, it’s none of my business! 

Having said that, sometimes I find myself privy to other people’s “energies”, which I find has a direct correlation to their emotional body, and of course is also influenced by the mind. I think most people have this intuitive part of their nature developed. This is what some people might call their gut instinct on people, like when you really don’t like someone for no good reason, or when you just feel this sort of “vibe” coming from someone. Sometimes these energies or vibes become a sort of message to me. I don’t just feel that person’s energy, sometimes I get a small story that comes along with that energy. For example, I can be around someone and all of a sudden I might hear that they really miss someone, or I might just feel really intensely that they are really angry about something even though they are acting like things are ok….I’m going to be really honest here and say something about all of this. It’s none of my business! I strongly feel that even though I can hear or feel these stories about other people, unless they are telling me directly about it, it really isn’t any of my beeswax. I gracefully accept this information and then I do my best to let go and forget about it.

Why do I do this? The number one reason I do this is because I imagine myself in their shoes. Here is a total stranger or acquaintance who for some reason has been privy to something going on internally – I think it would be rather rude and assumptive of me to just say something to them about what I am hearing from the ethers. The exception of course is if someone asks me to do a reading or to assist them with some healing work. Then a space has been created between me and that person to facilitate a direct line for me to have a conversation with those internal messages that are so clearly trying to get out.

Here is where things get really interesting for me though. What about when people are having thoughts or feelings about me and I pick up on them psychically? What do I do then? This has been really tricky and sometimes problematic for me. The truth of the matter, to me, is that what they are thinking or feeling about me isn’t any of my business either! I’ll even go far as to say – it isn’t personal! Imagine if we were all held accountable for all of our thoughts and feelings? I try my best to be a mindful person, but let’s be honest here – we all think and feel all kinds of things throughout the day. Most of the time my thoughts are running wild like a crazy horse. If someone else somehow became privy to all of my thoughts and feelings, they would most likely become angry with me or hurt by what I was thinking or feeling. Things would get really messy, really fast. 

Here is the other thing that I have really come to terms with. We are all multidimensional beings who have many many different aspects to ourselves. It has come to my attention recently that in my dream time, for example, I have many different aspects of myself that are being lived out. I am Erin Klis here on 3D Earth, but I have many other parts of my being that don’t get expressed in this realm. These different aspects of myself are living in other dimensions simultaneously, and my dream time is a glimpse into these other aspects of myself. I have had people tell me that they have witnessed my spirit doing all kinds of things that I have no recollection of. If that person really believes what they saw or experienced, I believe them because it is most likely another aspect of myself that they witnessed. That is often what happens during a reading with someone, I become witness to an aspect of themselves that is not being expressed in this dimensional reality. So, if I have a dream about someone, or if I am payed a visit by them etherically/psychically, I gracefully take the information that is given to me, but I do not hold that person accountable. I have found that sometimes that person will absolutely not have any recollection of what I have experienced – and this is awkward- but often they find pertinent information in my recounting of a dream or experience.

This brings to mind something else that I have encountered: psychic attacks, remote viewing and unwanted telepathic interactions. There are people who will definitely, actively try to psychically attack or do other unsavoury things in the ethers. In the past I found myself at the receiving end of some unwanted psychic attention, and I can tell you that this happened because I didn’t have very good boundaries. I had left myself open to letting anything or anyone into my psychic sphere. This can be rather unpleasant and I highly do not recommend. I learned through trial and error to put up filters and protection

I think that this is what I am really trying to get at today. Having good, healthy boundaries. For me, this means minding my own business. Unless someone has asked for my psychic assistance, it is really not any of my business. 

Anyways, I am very interested to hear any feedback that any of you may have on this topic, so please leave comments! 

Much love,