“I have had the pleasure of having two readings now by Erin. Both readings were gifted to me in a very transformative time; when I was questioning much and fog was clouding my mind and my path.

Erin’s readings were both informative and empowering. She offered very detailed and well understood messages from the cards and seemed to offer much insight to my situations, of which I had shared very little with her.
She is clearly a very gifted woman, beyond capable of guiding us through use of the cards, but also very willing to offer light and love through her decks as well.
Should you have the opportunity to have a reading from her, be sure to do so! You will be pleasantly surprised and grateful for the sharing of her gifts.
Much love and blessings to you Erin!”



“Receiving my recent Faerie Reading from Erin has been such a precious gift, filled with guidance, hope, and enchantment… all wrapped up with a ribbon of the blessings to come!  I have returned to my reading several times, and I always myself welling up with gratitude.  This is the most comprehensive and detailed reading I have ever received.  Erin and the Faeries answered my questions [and so much more!] with complete clarity, and I loved how the practical guidance was delivered in a gentle and playful way ~ a way that opens me up to the truth of my path… but still allows me to make my own choices and find even more of my answers along each step of the way. Erin is a master at what she does and I will treasure my reading always. If you find yourself at a crossroads, or if you simply want to know more about who you really are, book a reading with Erin this instant!  I’m so glad I did!”

Casey                                                                                            http://todayismagical.com/

“Mind-blowing reading with lots of insights into my emotions! Erin was extremely in tune with my situation. This is my second reading with her and I just simply love it! Her compassionate & sweet style in the reading helped me to understand things better in a bigger picture. Not to mention, her previous prediction came true for me! Highly recommended reading!! Thank you so much for everything, dearest Erin love <3”

“I have been incredibly impressed by this reading. It delighted me, gave me pause for thought, allowed to me look at the darknesses in my life – and the light too.
I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Erin as a very talented Tarot reader – and shall certainly be visiting her site again in the future.”
Full testimonial here.


“When I met Erin through a mutual friend I could feel her passion for doing readings. I was relaxed in receiving a reading from Erin rather than from someone I didn’t feel a connection with. Previously, I had readings from others and very few have come close to bridging my life to the cards at hand.

I use to look at the readings as something to do for fun and still do at times, but there are questions I ask that are on a more serious side. Erin brings to light a sort of back up to how I actually feel, but that I just wanted to see if I had not seen another angle to my situation. This latest reading was bang on with a direction I was planning on going in one area of my life. In another area I was told to re-evaluate and I agree.
Erin’s readings are also poetic as I read through her email reply/reading to me. There are no blunt answers that leave you with a distant, cold feeling. I reflected on her reading and will carry it forward with me as I go from here.”


“Someone once told me that having a reading is like turning over the soil in your mind, enabling you to see what lies beneath and to provide room for new growth to occur. The general reading received from Erin was thought provoking and insightful. it was interesting how much of what she said aligned with thoughts and experiences that are unfolding in my life at this time. she provided a message that was both hopeful and reflective, and also gave practical suggestions toward making use of the messages being communicated in the reading. the underlying tone throughout was sincere and loving, creating a healing space to explore together. I am very excited that Erin has embarked on this path and feel that she is gifted at tilling “mind earth” – and this is coming from a nurse who is pretty heavily invested in the biomedical model of health and healing! Thanks dear Erin for the opportunity to share open minds and hearts through your reading.”


“Erin is my daughter. Beyond my love for her I love that her relationship with the faerie folk, angels and guides continues to expand to new levels of understanding every day. Her abilities to communicate and work on our behalf with these special beings, through card readings and healing work, has been a pleasant and sometimes humorous experience.

I receive insightful readings regularly and find that what Erin presents to me is something I can use in my daily life, in a spiritual or practical way. For my birthday she laid out for me a 12 months reading. As the reading unfolds each month it’s interesting to see how the information provided actually prepares me for or applies to my needs for understanding my life experiences during the month.

I trust that Erin will continue to provide us with exceptionally skilled readings and healing work. Thank you.

Love and Blessings”




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