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Erin’s greatest strength as an intuitive and healer is her tarot readings.  Erin uses tarot and oracle cards to consult directly with the angels and the faeries. Erin is a CERTIFIED ANGEL CARD READER®. Erin’s specialties in tarot are Angel Card Readings, Romance Readings, and Faerie Readings. All who have received a reading from Erin have greatly benefited.

Here is what someone has to say about a tarot reading Erin did for them: “Her energy is positive and incredible. She was spot on with her reading and really got to the heart of my emotions surrounding my situation. I’m almost crying because of how spot on and loving the reading was. I recommend getting a reading here if you need deeper insights into your situation and emotions.”

Erin has been practicing and developing her talents as both a healer and as an intuitive for over five years. As a healer, Erin has developed her own intuitive form of healing using crystals, the guidance of the angels and the faeries, and practices light-energy work. She also incorporates Reiki into her healing sessions, as she has received her Level 2 in Reiki. Erin is very gifted in doing remote healing, and is able to perform healing work from long distances.

If you would like a Tarot Reading, please contact Erin at to make arrangements.


7 thoughts on “Readings

  1. I met you on our flight back from Maui (; If ever Angels & Faeries brought us together for a remarkable journey, it was then! Thank you for your reading of your MANA Cards and opening my eyes even further about where I have been, where I am now and my future ventures. I was deeply grateful for the compassion you offered in listening to the extraordinary life of my beloved babygirl, Shayla ❤ My daughter grew up in the realm of Faeries, embracing the stories I shared. I extend my gratitude for our paths crossing (:

    • Tonya! I knew the moment you sat down next to me that we were meant to meet each other. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful stories about Shayla. The two of you have such a magical relationship that continues to grow and blossom, despite the tragic circumstances. It was a great pleasure getting to know you, and Shayla. Many blessings to you on your journey ❤ Stay in touch 🙂

      • Thank You So Much ❤ Just noticed your kind hearted reply (: I met with a dear friend today and shared with her our story of meeting and have shared your site with her! Thank You Again for interconnecting with me and I will definitely keep in touch (:

  2. I left a message Thanking you So Much for your kind reply (: I have your page on my Face Book and recommended your site to my dear friend today! I am grateful for the connection and will remain in touch…

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    • Hi Julia,
      I am going to take down this portion of my blog, as I currently don’t really have the time to do readings. Thank you so much for expressing interesting. I sincerely apologize that I can’t provide you with a reading at this time. You may want to check out
      Lisa does amazing work.
      Much love,

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