Faerie Card Reading for the Week of June 27 – July 3, 2016

Card: Eight of Emotion – from the Guardian Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. 

” You’re meant to feel great happiness and fulfillment! You’ve been sensing that there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing, and you’re ready to go find it. Now you’re ready to take charge of your own life and move on to happier and more exciting experiences.”

Message from the Faeries: Some of you may have felt some huge shift in energy, this past week. There is definitely a wave of huge changes happening on the planet right now. Some of these changes might seem a bit scary, and some of them might be exciting. Regardless, change is unavoidable right now. 

This is a a great opportunity for you to really focus on the kinds of changes you want, or need, to make for yourself right now. Take charge and be the captain of your life-ship. Where are you going? What do you want to be doing right now? What direction have you steered your life-ship? 

When you are the captain, as opposed to a passenger that is just along for the ride, you get to be in charge. As the captain, you get to decide where you are going and what kind of adventure you want to be on. Be in charge and take action to make your dreams and hopes come true. 

The best life-ship captains are the ones who are able to sense which direction the winds of change are blowing, and they know when to let go of trying to control things and just let the wind or waves take them to where they need to take them. They trust and know that they are safe in their life-ship as long as they respect and abide to winds of change. They don’t resist change, they go with the flow. 

So get out your maps and compasses, and all hands on deck. It’s time for a new adventure! 

We love you. 

The Faeries 


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