Faerie Card Reading for the Week of April 4 – 10, 2016


Note from Erin: This week’s reading is done for us by my wonderfully talented mother, Terry. Thanks for doing the reading for us, Mom! It’s great! Hope everyone else enjoys!

My dear Erin is busy on getting some final papers completed. I know I’ll be happy to see her finish up for this semester. Winking smile

So I’m happy to be asked again to help out and do the reading for this week. Thanks Erin.
Love ,
The Archangels were calling out to lend a helping card tonight.
I was guided to the card:  Courage Archangel Ariel reminds us “Be courageous, and stand up for your beliefs” from the Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.
Archangel Ariel’s shares: Dear ones, How often have you walked away or blocked out your thoughts, outrage or pain for experiences or events that you felt or knew were not right in your world? You just carried on as if all was well.
Loved ones, I am here to share with you that over your lifetime the more you walk away or block out these experiences the more isolated, fearful and unloved you may feel.
Beloved, this does not mean you have to stand up front and be the activist. It does mean that within yourself you will find the ability and means to express yourself in ways that supports who you are in this lifetime. Whether your courage works through through the expression of writing, art, theatre, petitions, public speaking, fund raising, protesting, asking others to help you or others. Or sometimes it’s just extending our prayers to farther reaches. Your positive actions help you to believe in the power within yourself.
Then Beloved you will notice how you have created a space for change, love, peace and community. Take heart, one step leads to the next and then the next. Your personal courage swells out into your world as you become accustomed to the changes within.
Be Your Courage Beloveds,
Archangel Ariel and Mom




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