Faerie Card Reading for the Week of September 7 – 13, 2015

Card: Two of Wands – from the Voyager Tarot by James Wanless, Ph.D.

“White candlelight is symbolic of purity. Like the untainted white snow and impeccable white lotus, you are clean of character impurities. Purity, as the natural light of the candle, means being authentic and natural – be true to yourself without the contamination of outside conditioning. White light, the crystals, the window and lotus reflection represent purity of perception. See things as they really are, unhampered by prejudicial preconceptions. Pure white energy means living without artificial stimulants, chemicals and drugs. Pure, you are a window to others for seeing their path. Be a guiding light.” 

Message from the Faeries: Purity is such an intereting word. What does it mean to be pure? When we imagine pure, we imagine something in it’s wholeness. We imagine something in it’s true essence. When we think of you in your purity, we think of you undiluted. You are full and shining brightly in your naturalness.

Being pure doesn’t mean that you are clean, without a mark. Purity does not mean perfection. Perfecttion is such a funny concept to us. It assumes that something can be imperfect, and while this is an idea that some of you might subscribe to, we do not see anything as being imperfect. Everything is always perfect, always. Therefore, we never consider you to be impure. There is nothing that anyone can do or say that would make us see you as impure. We do often see you as diluted. 

What do we mean by diluted? How can you be diluted? When we see you in social situations, pretending to be happy when you are sad, you are diluting yourself. You are not showing your pure essence of who you are in the moment. When you dumb yourself down in conversations so that you fit in, this is diluting your intellect. We see you do it all the time – making yourself dull so that you don’t outshine others. 

There is nothing wrong with the practice of diluting your pure essence, and there is often some very practical reasons for doing this, but this week we ask that you not water yourself down in any way. Be your authentic self as much as you can. We know that we ask you to do this often, and we would like you to take it up a notch this week. When you are being your pure essence-self this week, we ask that you also try to keep your body, mind and spirit as pure as possible. 

This week we ask that you avoid eating processed foods, alcohol and drugs. We ask that you eat whole foods and that you try to get as much fresh and exercise as you can. Also, try to spend at least 5 minutes meditating in the morning, and smudge every day. After you do this for a week, we would like you to take note of how you feel? Do you feel better? Do you feel good? Do you feel pure? Are you diluted? Do you notice any change at all? This will be a good practice for the build up towards the New Moon, where you think about what life you are creating for yourself, on the 13th. 


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