Faerie Card Reading for the Week of March 9 – 15, 2015

“Aine is a powerful Celtic goddess and fairy queen who gave birth to incarnated fairies from her romances with mortal men. Aine is revered in Ireland for helping to grow crops and oversee animals. You can call upon Aine when you need additional guidance and the courage to take risks.”

Message from the Faeries: Last week was about pregnancy. It was about you becoming pregnant with new ideas, dreams and creations. We asked you to focus upon what you wanted to create next in your life. Well, this week we are asking you to start making steps to putting those wonderful new ideas into action. It’s time for you to take a leap of faith!

A leap of faith does NOT mean that we want you to quit your job and join the circus – unless, of course, this is totally want to do and it just so happens that the circus is in town and they just asked you to join – what we are really talking about here is that you take a leap of faith in yourself and begin to take steps towards making your dream come true. It’s time to put action into your intention.

Taking a risk on yourself and your dreams does not mean that you need to pack your things up and leave town  – unless, of course, you just sold your house and the movers have just shown up – what we mean by taking a risk is that your dream may require you to get of your comfort zone a little. You might have to try something new. For example, your dream might be to write a book. This might require you to change your habits. Instead of watching tv for two hours every night after work, you’ll have to take that time for writing. This would be the next step required for achieving your goal. It’s time to take action.

When we say: Take a leap of faith, we want you to really focus on the word faith. The most important part of faith is believing in yourself. We don’t care if you beleive in us, but what we want more than anything for you to believe in is yourself. You can do this! Whatever your dream is, whatever your heart desires, you can have it. Don’t doubt yourself, not even for a minute. You are a powerful manifestor. Look at the life you have already created for yourself! Truly amazing! What a wonderful creation. 

Beleive in yourself. You’ ve got this. Now go create. 

We love you.

The Faeries


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