Faerie Card Reading for the Week of December 22nd – 28th, 2014

Card: Boundaries – from the Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.


“Since God doesn’t make victims, this card asks you not to act like one in any way. This is a message of self-empowerment. Instead of blaming others passively, convey your expectations and true feelings to them. Stand up for yourself, even if you risk conflict and confrontation.”

Erin: This morning I was guided to download this deck through iTunes. I’ve been trying out some of Doreen Virtue’s phone app versions of her oracle cards and I have to say that they work just as well as the paper version. I think they are great and highly recommend them. I wasn’t surprised that I was guided to choose this particular deck. It is that special time of year where people all over the world celebrate the birth of Christ, and this particular deck of cards is all pictures of Mary holding up baby Jesus. This time of year is also about celebrating Mary, the Divine Mother. I also had a really good chuckle and rolled my eyes when I picked this card for us today. Not a big surprise there! This time of year, most of us will be travelling to various parts of the world, spending time with loved ones and friends. This is a very social time of year full of parties and festivities. This is an important reminder that it’s okay for us to assert ourselves and set boundaries.

Message from the Faeries: Happy Winter Solstice Everyone! What an incredible time of year this is! Lots of blessings and opportunities for you to make important changes in your life. Sometimes these new changes will mean a great shift and change for you. This could very well mean that what was once acceptable for you, no longer is acceptable. What was once okay for you, will suddenly become unbearable. This is completely natural and to be expected.

This week you might find yourself rubbing up against uncomfortable situations, but we promise you that this is truly a blessing and a good thing. The Universe is providing you with opportunities to grow into the person that you are becoming. This means that you will be given chances to stick up for yourself, who you are, and your beliefs. You will be presented (yes the word present) with situations where you will be able to assert to the world who you are. What do you find acceptable in your reality? What is no longer acceptable. It is incredibly important for you to be able come communicate these things, and what better chance then with friends and family!

Of course, we understand how scary it is to assert yourself. And we also realize that some of you might thing that friends and family are the worst people to reveal your true feelings to, but we would say that they are the best because you already know that they love you. Chances are that they will love you no matter what, so what do you really have to be afraid of? Truth is, if you express yourself and assert your boundaries, and someone can’t handle it and walks away, then the relationship isn’t in alignment with your greatest good and isn’t in accordance with you. It may be painful and hard to accept at first, but you will see down the road why things unfold the way that they do for a reason.

Mother Mary would like to say to you that you are always loved no matter what. Take courage and strength in knowing that she is with you at all times and that she stands by you while you go through this great time of transformation. She is with you, loving you and guiding you through these challenges and uncomfortable situations, just as she was always there for her Son. She will hold you and give you comfort whenever you ask her for help. Carry her in your heart of the holiday season, for her love is one of the most powerful loves in existence of all time.

We love you,

Many blessings to all of you and your loved ones over the holiday,

The Faeries


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3 thoughts on “Faerie Card Reading for the Week of December 22nd – 28th, 2014

  1. This is spot on, Erin, uncannily so! I have just – half an hour ago – published my book of humorous erotica (‘Come Laughing!’) and, in so-doing, started to grow into the person I intend to become! xxx

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