Faeries and the Industrial Revolution: Q & A with The Faeries

Titania and Bottom circa 1790 Henry Fuseli

Titania and Bottom circa 1790 Henry Fuseli

I am sure many other people have made this observation before, but it occurred to me a few days ago that there was a real peak in faeries appearing in art work during the 1800s, and especially during the Victorian Era. Of course, this also happens to be when the Industrial Revolution really went into full swing and I was wondering if there was a correlation between the two. I figured, who better to ask than the faeries themselves.

Me: Thank you Faeries, for taking the time to answer my questions. My first question is, why did a bunch of artwork featuring faeries begin to appear in the late 1700s?

The Faeries: As we have mentioned in the past, we are here to assist you (all humans) in manifesting everything into the physical. We assist in making your dreams come true. We assist you in creating your reality. During this time, the 1700s, we were assisting you into bringing the Industrial Revolution into your reality. We, of course, do not discriminate in your heart’s desires. As the Elementals, we are everything that creates the physical realm. We would never violate your free will. We simply do what you ask of us, in helping to create your physical reality. It’s really as simple as that, but there is also much complexities to the situation. You see, we love the planet Earth so very much. We love her with every thread of her being. She is such a beauty to behold. She is our mother, just as much as she is your mother. We also love nature and what you would call “the natural world”. This is one reason we are always depicted as nature spirits in your artwork. Flower faeries are the most popular in faerie imagery in your reality. As you were collectively turning your minds away from the natural world and were beginning to build factories, we had no choice but to comply in manifesting your heart’s desires, but we could see where you were heading. We can see the future quite well, and it was very upsetting to us to see that you were moving further away from nature. You were beginning to play more with chemicals, and we could see the synthetics becoming popular. We could see everything as it is today. To us, it was a great tragedy and loss. We want the very best for you. We want you to be happy and healthy. We have been watching you move further and further away from the paradise that was given to you and turning it into something that is a bit of a monstrosity.

Me: Wait, I thought that faeries don’t judge us.

The Faeries: It’s really not a judgement, is it? We are just telling it like it is. We have helped you along the way no matter what, and we have changed and evolved with you. We are just being honest here. We are The Elements. At first we were Water, Fire, Earth and Air. We still make up everything that exists today. Your history and future are very much our history and future. We love ourselves and who we have become. The truth is that we began as natural as can be, just as you did. The difference between us is that you have free will, and we must comply with your free will. We would have preferred to have kept this planet as a paradise planet. Truthfully, this planet is still a paradise planet, but you have collectively decided to pretend that it isn’t. So, with your thoughts and actions, you have turned it into what it is today. We like to remind you, from time to time, of the magical paradise that your Mother Earth really is, and so we inspire you through artists, writers and healers.

Me: So then, is this why you are prevalent in art during the Industrial Revolution?

The Faeries: Yes, exactly. We could see where you were heading and we wanted to keep reminding you of us. We wanted to keep reminding you about nature and to not completely lose yourselves in factories and technology. We had to make sure that the Nature Faeries would not be forgotten as we ourselves were changing and evolving with you. This is why the Victorian Era had so much beauty, flowers, poetry and romance. We assisted in keeping you connected to the natural world as you made your advancements.

Me: Doesn’t this violate our free will if you were influencing us.

The Faeries: There were many people that were afraid of the Industrial Revolution, so we were just fulfilling their heart’s desires. They were still connected to the natural world and didn’t want it to completely disappear. We have never violated anyone’s free will.

Me: Are you guys angry with where we humans are at today?

The Faeries: We are never angry with you. We love you no matter what. Our love for you is pure. We think some of the technology and advances you have made are quite amazing. You are very remarkable dreamers and creators. Of course, we would love to see you create more beautiful and healthy things, but it is not for us to decide this for you. It’s up to you to decide what kind of world you want to live in. Like a mother, who wishes only the best for her children, this is our love for you. We want you to have the best of everything, but we still love you when you choose to turn your paradise into a garbage dump. It sounds a little harsh, but we are just being honest with you. We always carry hope in our hearts that you will some day remember that you live on a paradise planet, and when you are ready to live in paradise, we assist you in your creation. Some of you have remembered and do live paradise, and some people are in the process of creating their own paradise, the rest of you can learn a lot from them.

Me: Thank you, Faeries.

The Faeries: We love you.


1 thought on “Faeries and the Industrial Revolution: Q & A with The Faeries

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