Hallow’s Eve

Fall Faerie Paulina Cassidy

The Faeries have been nudging me today to do a Question and Answer with them. I’ve been meaning to do one for a long time now, and I am hoping to do Q & A’s with them once a week as a feature here on my website. So no time like the present to get this started. Today’s topic is Samhain/Halloween.

Me: Why do you guys want me to ask you about Halloween?

Faeries: (giggles) We just love Halloween! So many humans have lots of fun this time of year. Getting all dressed up in fun costumes – even as faeries! And then some of you like to eat lots of sweets, which we absolutely love. Why wouldn’t we want you to talk about Halloween?

Me: Fair enough. Some people prefer to refer to October 31 as Samhain. What do you guys think about that?

Faeries: We don’t really care what you guys call this day, just so long as there are many of you still celebrating it. It’s a very important day.

Me: What is so important about this day?

Faeries: Well this is a day where the veil between the different realms becomes very thin. It almost completely disappears.

Me: When you guys talk about realms, what exactly are you talking about?

Faeries: We exist in the Faerie Realm. You exist in the Three Dimensional Physical Realm. There are many other realms, such as The Hungry Ghost Realm which your Buddhist teachers talk about. There is also the Angelic Realm. There are countless realms.

Me: So when the veil is thin, does this mean that I have better access to these other realms?

Faeries: That is precisely what happens.

Me: Why does the veil become more dense for the rest of the year?

Faeries: There are a few other days in the year when the veil gets thinner, like Midsummer’s Eve, and you will also have better access to the other realms those days. There are many reasons why the veil is not thinner the rest of the year. Once of the reason’s why is that as humans, you chose to experience life in the Three Dimensional Physical Realm. Because of contract that you have collectively agreed to, you do not have easy direct access to the other realms.

Me: Based on things that I have read in the past and my own experiences, I would say that there are many people who have access to the other realms, outside of days like Halloween. Why is that?

Faeries: There some of you who have chosen a different contract for your human experience. This is a very complex issue. Some souls have almost exclusively been human in each of their lifetimes. Some souls are more mature, experienced and diverse. There are some of you who are in human form now, but have been souls in other realms in the past and the future. There are even souls who have tried just about every time of living form in all the realms. It really is truly amazing. There are souls, such as yourself, who were faeries at some point in the past or the future.

Me: There are souls from the future?

Faeries: Of course there are! You guys are always thinking so linear. There are souls from anywhere at anytime because everything has already happened is about to happen. It’s all happening, all the time.

Me: Well that is definitely something to think about. So what can we do to prepare ourselves for when the veil is thin.

Faeries: First of all, it is very important that you all know and trust in your heart that you are safe and protected. There is nothing to be afraid of. You are safe and you are loved. We can promise you with all our hearts that that veil being thin does not make you vulnerable to any harm from any other realm. If you feel a bit scared, just ask us to protect you and we will happily surround you with love and protection. Secondly, you can expect to feel some intense and wild energies on the days leading up to, during and after. Your sixth sensory experiences may become enhanced. Perhaps you will have very vivid dreams, or you will suddenly just know something to be true without knowing where the information is coming from. We recommend keeping an open heart so you can receive these messages in love. Thirdly, you can expect to have lots of fun! Celebrate these special energies and have a good time. Don’t take everything so seriously. Enjoy!

Me: Thank you for the information, Faeries. I love you all.

Pumpkin faerie


4 thoughts on “Hallow’s Eve

  1. TY TY!! It’s been a rough week and I have been telling myself what the faeries said “Don’t take everything so seriously!”

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