The Equinox – Tranformation


Today is the first day of the Fall Equinox, where I live. Autumn is my favourite season. I love watching all the plants and scenery change. I love watching all of the leaves turning colours and then falling from the trees. I love the smells that come with the leaves getting wet and decaying. It’s not a morbid thing, Fall. It’s just another part of our natural life cycle. Transformation.

Some plant life and some animals are in the process of dying right now. There are some plants and animals that going to sleep or are getting ready to hibernate. Generally speaking, things are slowing down a bit. The days are getting shorter – less sunlight. Our natural rhythms are changing as well. Because there is less and less sunlight in the day, we might find ourselves having less energy. We might find ourselves getting tired earlier in the day. Some of us might be hungrier than we usually are.  Fall brings with it many changes.

I love the feelings and sensations I experience during this season. I also know that with the changing of seasons come other big changes in my life. Instead of fighting these changes, I find it easier to just let go and enjoy the process. It’s quite natural after all!

There is also a New Moon right now, and so I think this is a really great opportunity to take some time to write down some things that I would like some assistance with letting go of, as well as writing down my gratitude for all of my abundance. I will also take the time to write down one of my heart’s desires, and make the effort to open up my life for it to arrive.

What will you do to celebrate this time of change?

Much love and many blessings to you,




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