Faerie Card Reading for the Week of September 15th – 21st, 2014

Card: Kali (Endings and Beginnings) – from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

“I sing praises to those whose hearts accept the universal order, which only appears to be chaotic and ever-changing. In actuality, everything is designed down to the smallest detail, to be in perfect operation. The dance of the universe is a happy one, with energy swirling and twirling in a never-ending celebration of life itself.”

Message from The Faeries: This week, the powerful goddess Kali appears for you to remind you once again to trust in the processes that are occurring right now. Even though things may seem to be crazy, chaotic, and heading south, everything is going to work out just fine.

Perhaps one of the reasons why everything seems so difficult is because you are having a hard time letting go of people, situations or places that are no longer serving you. The Universe is trying to conspire to bring new and wonderful things into your life, but you haven’t made the space in your life for these things to happen, so the Universe is helping to pull you away from the old and push you into the new.

It’s completely natural to find change difficult. Funnily enough, it’s most difficult when your life is bringing in all these new and wonderful things. This is because it can be so challenging to break old patterns and to truly leave unhealthy situations or relationships.

This week is a great opportunity to finally say goodbye and let go of something you’ve been wanting to change or move away from in your life, and to make space for something new. Take a few moments and really think about what you need to move forward from, make the change, and never look back. Great things are coming your way, so it’s to make some room in your life for greatness.

We love you,
The Faeries



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