Faerie Card Reading for the Week of September 8th-14th, 2014

Card: Five of Water – from the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


Message from The Faeries:  Sometimes things seem to be not working out just the way you want them too. This, of  course, can be a very frustrating experience. Let’s say you are planning to buy a house. You have your dream house all figured out. You want a four bedroom house with hardwood floors and large backyard, with a big kitchen and huge living room. You write down a long wishlist of all the things you want in your dream home. All of the details are written down and you place your wishlist in a very special place, and you fill it with lots of heartfelt prayers.
You put your heart and soul into your dream house. You look everywhere for it. You go to see house after house and feel very hopeful and full of excitement that you will get the exact house of your heart’s desires. You finally find a house that you totally fall in love with. You have enough money to buy this house. You are the first person to view this house and you are the first person to put a bid on it. You are so full of hope and excitement. You’ve crossed all your t’s and you have dotted all the i’s. Everything looks good and promising and the real estate agent tells you that it’s pretty much a done deal. You just know in your heart that this is the right house for you and you can’t wait to move in.Then, at the very last possible moment you get a phone call: someone else got the house.
This seems like, and feels like, the worst possible news to you. You are completely devastated that you didn’t get the house. You walk around for days wondering what it is that you did wrong. Why didn’t you get this house. You start to have doubts. We can tell you that this is the most crucial moment. When this happens – when you don’t get what you want – please, do not give up. You have to pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and just trust. Trust and know that everything happens for reason. Whether you know it or not, your prayers are still being answered. Although it’s hard to believe, that house that you thought was yours was not.
These false starts are very common when you ask for something really big. There can be many reasons for these false starts, but the most common one is that you are being asked: Is this what you really want? Is this what you asked for? Are you sure you don’t want something better? Quite often you will find that even in your wildest, biggest dreams, you can ask for something better – and we want to deliver to you the very best of everything. So, although it might feel like the end of the world and you lose all hope when things don’t seem to be working out, we ask that you know and trust that something even better is coming your way.
Everything happens for a reason.
We love you,
The Faeries

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