Sometimes…I forget to pray.

faerie1 Image by: Three Willows Photography 

Sometimes I forget to pray, and by sometimes I mean I always forget to pray. Okay, well maybe not always, but I forget quite a lot. 

I pray to all kinds of beings. I pray to the faeries, I pray to my guardian angels, I pray to the Archangels, I pray to God, I pray to various gods and goddesses, I pray to my ancestors…the list is a bit lengthy. I pray to whom or whatever I’m guided to pray to.

Why do I pray? The number one reason is that it makes me feel really good. It brings so much joy and light into my heart. It also helps me to express all my love and gratitude that I feel in my heart for all the wonderful amazing people and things that I have in my life. So if it feels so great, why do I keep forgetting to pray?

I really want to just get into the habit of praying every day. When we show and express our gratitude to the Universe, we are sending out a message that we are open to receiving more wonderful and amazing things to our life. If you thought your cup was almost full, why not have it runneth over? Also, how else can I have all my heart’s desires unless I ask for it?

Have you prayed today?

Much love,



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