Faerie Card Reading for the Week of June 16th – 22nd, 2014

Card: XIII Death – from the Fairy Lights Tarot by Lucia Mattioli


“Amid poppies of rebirth and fireflies of enlightenment. Death proclaims it’s eternal and beautiful mystery. Do not cling to things that no longer serves you, but release them with gratefulness”

Message from Erin: In the Major Arcana of the traditional tarot, there is always the Death card. I have seen people have a bad reaction to this card because the immediately become afraid that either they are going to die or that someone they love is going to die. I have yet to do a reading where someone’s death has actually come up. It is always the case that this card is about letting go or about allowing a part of ourselves die, so that a new aspect of ourselves can come to light. After death there is birth or rebirth. Whenever I see this card I am very happy for the person who receives it in a reading, as I know that they are in a state of transformation. They are ready to let go of something that is no longer helping them in their life journey, and they are opening up to allow themselves to receive something new into their lives. It can also represent the ending of a stage in someone’s personal growth, and the beginning of a new stage. Death is never the end, it is always a beginning.

I think it’s no coincidence that this card is the number 13. We just passed through a very powerful and intense full moon this past Friday the 13th. I feel as though this date of June 13, 2014 was a major milestone in our journeys, and this day represents the end of – an era, a phase, a stage, a cycle, a step – and the beginning of a new period of time where the energies will change into something totally different than what we have been experiencing. Right now we are also in a period where we are in Mercury Retrograde which can make things a bit challenging with other people in our lives, but it is also a good time for us to look into ourselves. It’s a really good time to decide what is no longer serving us in our lives and then begin to take the steps to make the changes we want.

The faeries are telling me that they see a lot of us resisting change right now and that we are having trouble letting go. There is a lot of fear. They are saying: “Don’t be afraid of Death – don’t be afraid of change”. Everything is going to be okay. They are saying that the combination of the intense energies of the past week, along with the Mercury Retrograde, has really gotten some of backs up against the wall. They are saying it is really important for us to remember to breathe – to take lots of deep breaths, and they are also saying to try and not be too quick to react to things that other people say or do. Don’t take things so personally!

So it seems as though things might be a little intense for just a little bit longer, but this card showing up for all of us this week is a really great sign, and it goes with the promise of last week, that things are about change and they are about to get better. Just hang in there everyone! We can and will get through this. The more we resist and struggle, the more we make it difficult we make it on ourselves. Relax! As the late Bill Hicks says It’s Just A Ride.

Much love,



4 thoughts on “Faerie Card Reading for the Week of June 16th – 22nd, 2014

  1. Just what I needed to hear/read. Rough day or two for me Erin. I seemed to do better once I prayed and asked for help- thank God.lol

    • I appreciate the insight of the Death Card. Might it mean the ceasing of something, not necessarily life? Perhaps if the death card arrives, pertaining to a bad circumstance, could it point to the death of the bad circumstance, for example? Just curious.

      • Yes, I think you are right. This card can mean so many different things depending on what the reading about. Definitely can mean the end of a situation – the death of a circumstance. Thanks for bringing that up 🙂

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