Faerie Card Reading for the Week of May 12th – 18th, 2014

Card: Rhiannon (Sorceress) – from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.


“This lunar Welsh goddess’s name means ‘great queen,’ as she serves great functions, including being the muse of inspiration for poets, artists, and royalty. She lovingly carries souls from Earth to the after-life plane upon her trusty white horse, helping them adjust to the transition of life after death. A shape-shifter, Rhiannon can appear to you as an animal, bird, or song. Call upon her for help with manifestations, spirit communication, transitions, or artistic inspiration.”

Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDkKyBU7GCs

Message from Erin: The faeries guided me to use the Goddess oracle cards again because of Mother’s Day. I was a little bit surprised that Rhiannon showed up because I don’t really think of her as a very motherly goddess compared to some of the other goddess cards in this deck. I was then reminded that all mothers are not just mothers. It sounds simple, but I think that sometimes I am guilty of thinking of my mother or other people’s mother’s as playing solely that role, but of course all mothers are everything else under the sun (and the moon). They are everything from astronauts to doctors and some are even sorceresses. So even though our mom’s are awesome as mothers, let’s also celebrate all the other awesome things that they are. I’m pretty sure my mom has a little bit of Rhiannon in her 😉

Message from The Faeries: This week there is going to be a full moon (Wednesday, May 14th) and we feel this going to be a very magical moon. Truth be told, all full moons are magical, but we feel the energy really building up for this one. Rhiannon is here to remind you of the magic of the moon as well as the magic of manifestation.

We think it would be really fun for you really put your manifestation power’s to work this week and have a little bit of fun with it. We think it would be a fun exercise to take a piece of paper and write down just one thing that would really like to have happen for you this week. Pick anything! Anything you would like to receive this week – a free coffee, a dress, a bicycle, a date – whatever your heart desires. After you have written down your wish, place your wish in the jar. You can also have fun decorating your jar in the process, but it’s not a necessary step. Then take any crystal or rock that you would like to use and sit and meditate with the crystal in your hand. During your meditation, really imagine what it would be like to have your wish come true. Imagine it being real with all of your heart. Feel all the pleasure, joy and excitement of your wish coming true. Place the crystal into the jar with the piece of paper. Then, speaking into the jar, express all of your love and gratitude, using sincere words and feelings. Close the lid on the jar and then place it somewhere, either a window sill or outside, where it will get exposed to the full moon. Don’t worry if it’s cloudy on the full moon, your wish jar will still get the optimal moon magic. After the full moon, keep your jar somewhere safe, until your wish comes true – knowing that it will happen by next week.

After your wish comes true you can do whatever you would like with things inside the jar – you can keep the piece of paper or burn it. You can use the crystal again or you can bury it. Do whatever feels right.

We hope you have a fun week.

May all your wishes come true.

Love, The Faeries.


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