Faerie Card Reading for the Week of May 5th – 11th, 2014

Card: Vesta – from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.


“Vesta is the Roman goddess of home and hearth. Vesta us a fire goddess who brings warmth to households, both as a temperature and as an emotion. In ancient Rome, a temple in her honor bore a flame that burned continually. Call upon Vesta to oversee any changes you’d like to make in your living situation.”

Message from The Faeries: We have heard the expression: Home is where the heart is. To this we say: Everywhere your heart is is your home. Wherever you are, at any given moment, is home. This whole world is your home. You are your home. So, if you are feeling uncomfortable right now, wherever you are, we ask that you really sit down and think about it. Is the problem with your external environment, or does the problem really have to do with how you are feeling inside?

It’s true, sometimes there are things going on in your external environment that can make you feel uncomfortable and can be rather unpleasant, and the only solution is to go someplace more enjoyable. But, often your discontent can really just be traced to back to yourself and your emotional body. One way to feel better on the inside is to change something about what’s going on in your environment. For example, perhaps if you spruced up your home with fresh flowers, and lit some candles, you would find the energy in your home shift, and then you begin to feel better. Sometimes just cleaning a space in your home, like the bedroom or living room, can make you feel good. When you make your environment more livable, or you move to a more livable space, you may find yourself begin to thrive better in a cleaner environment.

There is a bit of a paradox here because it really goes both ways. If you change your inner environment, your external environment changes, and vise versa. What kind of change do you think your home needs right now? Is it your inner space or outer space that can use some sprucing up? If you are unhappy with something in your home, what are you doing to help change the situation or make it better? Whatever you decide is the right answer for you is the only thing that really matters. We encourage you this week to make some sort of small change to either your living space or your inner space, and then see what other changes happen as a result of your actions. We think you will be rather pleasantly surprised.

We love you.

The Faeries


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