Faerie Card Reading for the Week of April 7th – 13th, 2014

Card: Isis – from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.


Message from The Faeries: This week might be a bit intense for some of you, as you will find that either an event or a person will trigger something deep inside of you. The reason that this will happen is that something coming up for you this week has everything to do with an event or an individual from a past-life.

The presence of  the Goddess Isis in this reading is sending you a strong message that sometimes the things that happen to you in your day-to-day life are not the result of this present life-time. Whenever you have those moments where you meet someone and you feel like you’ve already known them forever (you have!) or when you do something for the first time, but you feel like you’ve done it before (you have!) – these moments are because you have been here on Earth before, and you have most likely been here many times. Most of you have a had a long soul journey here in this dimensional reality, and it’s very common for souls to always find each other through each lifetime. Some people refer to this as a Soul Family. It’s also common for souls to repeat things from one life to the next – the reason for this is the same reason that you struggle with patterns in this life – the ego or the body, in this case the soul, becomes addicted to certain behaviours or feelings.

Often times when there are strong reactions – either pleasant or uncomfortable – to people or events, it is because your soul has a memory of many life-times and there is a deep connection between you and whatever has caused that intense reaction. It is important to remember that although you are connected to that person or situation, you don’t need to remain connected to them. This life – each life – presents you with an opportunity to either grow further with someone or something, or it gives you a chance to finally break a tie or a cycle that is no longer serving your soul’s purpose. You grow and you change – you never have to be tied or beholden to anyone or anything. You have the free will to break all ties and connections to people or the past. The choice is yours, always.

This week will be a great opportunity for growth as you either take this time to learn from your past and move forward, or you decide to continue along with this aspect of your soul’s journey. Either way, this is a time to learn and grow. If you do choose that it is time to let go or cut ties to a person or a situation, remember that you never have to do it on your own. You can always ask us for assistance, and we will be there for you. Also, we know that some of you like to work with the Angels, so please pray to the angels to cut your ties and they will do so in a heartbeat. Remember that when you let go of something and then you continue to think about it or dwell upon it, you haven’t ever really let go. Maybe you aren’t really ready to change this aspect of your life, and that’s okay! But if you really want to cut a tie and you are having trouble letting go, remember to pray. Prayer works miracles!

We love you!

The Faeries



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