Faerie Card Reading for the Week of March 24th – 30th

Card: Knight of Swords – from the Fairy Lights Tarot by Lucia Mattioli.


“One who rushes forward  with reckless abandon, accomplishing great things, but sometimes at a price.”

Message from Erin: This card is perfect for the upcoming week, for me, as I will be facing many challenges at work. We have recently installed a new computer system at work, which means there is going to be lots chaos as a result of the transfer of data from one system to the next. This brings high stress and hot tempers at work, as we all struggle our way through understanding how the new system works – and what doesn’t work. I asked if this card applies to everyone else, and The Faeries were quite adamant that this card was for everyone else as well. I wonder what they’ll have to say….

Message from The Faeries: The faerie in this card is charging, full speed ahead, to tackle this issue before him. He doesn’t care what the end result will be. He just knows, deep in his heart, that he needs to do his task at hand. In this particular picture, he is indeed in battle. This battle can be a physical one, a mental one, an emotional one or maybe it’s just something completely made up in his mind. It doesn’t really matter. Any and all conflicts are ultimately battles with yourself. There is no way around it.

The reason we chose this card for you this week is because it’s time to stop hiding from your “battles”. No more running away. It’s time for you to face the things that you are hiding from, and we want you to be bold and charge straight ahead. If we looked you in the eyes and told you that there really is nothing to be afraid of, would you believe us? Because this is the truth. There really is nothing to be afraid of. Because you are the creator of your reality, let us ask you this question: Are you afraid of yourself? Really, truly, what is the worse that can possibly happen.

For some of you, the thing that you have been avoiding is confronting that person in your life who has been bossing you around, or just not treating you in a respectful manner. If you stand up for yourself to this person, what is the worse that can happen? Any answer that you come up with, we will say to you: Does it really matter? How long have you lived on this planet? Whatever your age, we can tell you  that you have enough life experience under your belt to know that nothing really bad is going to happen. We can hear you say: But what if I hurt that person’s feelings? To this we say: What if you do? You aren’t responsible for how that person reacts to what you say. We trust and know that you will defend yourself with honour and dignity. We know that you will use love and compassion. When you stand up for yourself, and you use all these things, we guarantee you that you can do no wrong.

Be proud of yourself. Be proud of who you are. Be strong and confident. Stand up for yourself and defend your rights. You have every right to be happy and enjoy your Earthly experience. Don’t let anyone or anything get in your way of accomplishing your dreams and desires. Truthfully, the only thing that is ever really standing in your way is yourself. So be your own knight and charge forward. Everything will fall into place as it should, and everyone will take care of themselves as they will.

Honour, dignity, love and compassion.

Forward! Ho!

The Faeries


4 thoughts on “Faerie Card Reading for the Week of March 24th – 30th

  1. Were we not communicating about this earlier today? Faeries you definitely rock! I am grateful for the support, love and guidance I receive this week in managing my affairs.

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