Faerie Card Reading for the Week of March 10th – 16th

Card: 29 MO’O (Lizard) – Traps- from Mana Cards: The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom by Catherine, Kalama Becker, Ph.D. & Doya Nardin.


I found these cards on my recent trip to Maui. I came across them accidentally, and I am incredibly grateful for them. I don’t know very much about the cultures and traditions of the Hawaiian people, but I think these cards are helping me understand it a little better. All I can say so far is that it is a very magical, and yet incredibly practical and down to earth way of being. The Faeries, of course, wanted me to pick a card for all of us this week, from this deck, and I am very much looking forward to what the meaning of this card is. I hope it benefits us all. xo

“Mea nana mo’o, Mea nana mo’o’

‘Pay attention to the enchanter, pay attention to the enchanter”

“Mo’o reveal your fears so that you can overcome them. Unacknowledged fears can lead people to be seduced into spending their time and energy gossiping about others rather than focusing on the issues they need to address within themselves. Those who gossip about the faults of others often may be doing so to hid their own weaknesses. They may be afraid that they are secretly more like that person than they care to admit, or they may be intimidated by another’s success.

Whether you are the one doing the talking or being talked about, gossip can seduce you in to believing the important battles are outside of yourself, rather than within. Fears can be like monsters that consume your vision. Talking about others or being afraid of being talked about can keep you from making progress on your journey.

Mo’o warns that the debilitating fears can block your progress. F-e-a-r could mean false evidence appearing real. Even when fear is appropriate, be careful not to allow fear to disable or defeat you; for if you allow it to trap you, your path will be blocked. Hence, you may become caught up in the nets of the mo’o. By journeying within, and examining your fears, you greatly increase your chances of transcending any obstacle that appears to block you progress.”

Message from The Faeries: This card is a gentle reminder to ‘Mind your own business”. By this we mean, don’t focus on other people. By that we mean, don’t make other people’s business yours unless they are asking you for assistance. Mind yourself and your own business. It doesn’t really matter what other people are saying or doing. Also, it also doesn’t matter what other people are saying or doing about you. People’s words and actions towards are only harmful if you allow them to be. Of course, if someone is harming you or your person, you have ever right to defend yourself, but often your defensive behaviours towards people and their actions are not beneficial to you. We notice that people often give away their own power to others to frivolously. Stop and think about it before you move into action.

Most importantly, what you say and do have a great impact on your reality. Actually, what you say, do or think, has a great impact on your reality. With your thoughts, actions and words you are continuously creating the world around you. This is a call for you to be mindful of all of these things. When you carelessly do something, when you thoughtlessly say something, and when you effortlessly think something – you are creating. Always! You are always creating!

Please choose wisely what you say, do or think. All of these actions are like throwing a pebble into a pool of water. The action creates a ripple that moves out to the Universe, and the Universe responds to these things.

When a mo’o – a “monster” who tries to trick you – appears to you in your life, remember that this person is of your own creation. You called them into your life with your thoughts, words and actions, whether you like or not. This is a great opportunity for you to exercise love, compassion and empathy, towards the mo’o and yourself. This is all your creation.

We love you,

The Faeries


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