Faerie Card Reading for the Week of February 17th – 23rd, 2014

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of February 17th-23rd,2014

Card: Detoxification – from Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.


Erin: I was out this afternoon, and when I got home the power was out. I’m doing this from my phone, so we’ll keep it short and sweet 🙂

The Faeries: The energies have been a bit intense lately and some of you may have found yourselves eating really heavy foods and eating lots of treats – all as a way of self-preservation and to help keep you grounded.

This week you can resume your self-care and do a bit of detoxification. When you eat all those heavy and sugary foods, it can be a little hard on the body. The other thing that happens is that you lower vibrational frequency. We understand the desire to match your frequency with your surroundings, but we strongly consider raising your frequency at this time.

By eating clean and pure foods – like lots of fresh fruits and vegetables – you raise the vibrationally frequency of your body and your mind – this also uplifts your emotional body. When you raise your frequency you open yourself to receive the new soul downloads that are coming to you.

If any of you have been hearing a sort of ringing in your ear or a vibration in your head, it’s the new information that your soul is trying to integrate. This process occurs more smoothly when our bodies match the frequency of the new information.

We also see that when more of you raise your frequency, you no longer feel the need to lower your energies to match your surroundings. You become naturally more grounded and the energies around you begin to vibrate at your frequency to match you.

We hope you all enjoy a wonderful week and take good care of yourselves.

We love you.

The Faeries


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