Faerie Card Reading for the Week of January 20th – 26th, 2014

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of January 20th – 26th, 2014

Card: The Devil XV – from the Fairy Lights Tarot by Lucia Mattioli


This is the artwork of Lucia Mattioli that graces the beautiful cards – Fairy Lights Tarot. This is the expanded version of the artwork that is featured on The Devil card. I was a bit surprised that the Faeries wanted me to use this deck today. It’s a bit of a “darker” deck than most of my other cards, but they reminded me that it’s very important that we don’t ignore the shadows. I’ll be honest and say I cringed a little when I pulled this card…of all the cards I could pull, haha, but I was guided and so be it. I just don’t want anyone to feel afraid when they see this imagery. I personally don’t take it as a bad sign when I pull The Devil card from any deck. It’s always just means that something needs attention. The Faeries told me that there is a song that goes along with today’s reading: INXS – Devil Inside. Many blessings ❤ – Erin.

Message from The Faeries: Do not be afraid of this card, and do not be afraid of The Devil. The Devil is what you make him or her to be. We really want to emphasize two things for you today. The first thing is to remind you that you live in a dualistic reality. As long as you live in your three dimensional reality, here on Earth, you will experience good and bad, dark and light, etc. There really is no way around it. This is simply the nature of your earthly dimension. You need this contrast so that you can learn the lessons that you are here to learn. Here is the kicker – as with-in, so with-out. As above, so below. Heaven and hell are both experienced here on Earth. As a lightworker, you are choosing to work in the light, and we fully encourage this and desire this for every single human being. Being a lightworker does not mean ignoring your “dark side”. When you ignore your dark side it sits there and grows silently. Addictions and continued unhealthy patterns are often a result of people ignoring what is going on in the shadows. When you ignore your shadow work and sweep things under the rug, they can fester and become a much more larger demon that need be. These are your personal demons. Each and every single human being has these personal demons, so why ignore this and pretend that they don’t exist? Bring these little devils into the light. This is lightwork!

The second thing we really want to emphasize for you this week is that YOU CREATE THIS REALITY. Each and every single of you is responsible for this world, this reality, that you live in. It’s our jobs to assist you in creating this reality. What is being reflected to you in your day to day life are the things that are going on internally. We would like you to ponder this on a macrocosmic level. When you watch world events on tv, and especially when you sit there and judge world leaders, when you think of them as devils – when you demonize them – you really are helping to create that reality and that negative thinking cycle. You are helping to feed their ego – their ego actually absolutely loves any and all attention, and you are giving them exactly what they want. We feel it would be far more effective of you to surround them with love and light at all times. This would help create real miracles in this world if each and every single one of you were to make this part of your daily practice. Certainly, you can not do anything against their free will, it’s really not possible, but surrounding the world and everyone on it with love, each and every day, will go a really really long way in the long term.

We suggest that you try practicing this in your daily life this week. When someone upsets you or makes you angry, instead of holding them in that darkness, transform yourself and your negative thinking. Imagine that person is you. Imagine that they are like a reflection in the mirror. Are you really going to verbally get angry with them? Are you going to say something harmful? Or are you going to change your gaze to love? If you really loved yourself deeply, you would not bother to get angry with this person. You would not hold them in darkness, and you would not paint them the devil – because what does that make you?

We love you, every single bit of you!

The Faeries.


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