Faerie Card Reading for the Week of November 18th – 24th, 2013

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of November 18th – 24th, 2013

Hi Everyone! My mom, who is super awesome btw, has been so kind as to do our weekly Faerie Card Reading for all of this week.It’s been a bit of crazy week for me, so I asked my mom to help out this week. I’m so glad that she did because it was a perfect reading for me this week, And I hope it’s super helpful for all of you. 

Thanks Mom!



Before I opened the oracle book today, I spent some time reflecting on the above two cards, which were magnetically attached when I received them. I was mesmerized by the first card “the Song” card and laughed quite a bit watching the Fae folk being connected on the second card. Once I began to listen I then understood why these two were attached. Enjoy the reading. I know I did!

The Song #59: “…it may be time to stop and listen. Put your hand on something close to you and be aware of what you feel. Awareness and connection are so important. Relationships falter when connections are lost and energies are blocked. If you feel that a relationship is stuck, try listening for the song of the other person. Pay attention! That is one of the most important lessons that Faerie has to teach us: pay attention, and the energy will start to Flow again.” The Heart of Faerie Oracle, Brian & Wendy Froud.

When I began to listen to this card today I was captured by this Faery’s eyes. What called out was the following thought “I see you Child and I am aware of your depth, your fear, your hurts and your Heart. Let it Be what it is and the Song will appear!”

This speaks of how we get in our own way, that is, how we get caught up in our internal or external drama or struggle, We forget to live beyond, we freeze in that moment. If we could step aside or around ourselves being stuck in those moments and pick up our dancing shoes, guitars, voices, pen and paper, any creative tool that will help us express ourselves what miracles can happen.

Then the depth, the hurt, the fear, the hurts and the Heart of all that we are in that moment will be the source of creative energy. The Song will appear and we are transformed by a new moment we have created by singing out our truth. This expression is what feeds us all with inspiration, emotion, connection and new magic. We make peace with ourselves, opening to the Song within, In turn opening us to our connectedness or receiving with other.

The second card….I had such a great laugh and felt such pleasure with the card of Your Own Meaning. I’m told this is a picture of energy flowing amongst the Faerie. Everyone is aware not only of their Song, they are aware of all other Songs!

The Faeries and I wish you a Song filled week full of energy and relationship!


Terry and the Faeries


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