Faerie Card Reading for the Week of October 14th – 20th, 2013

Faerie  Card Reading for the Week of October 14th – 20th, 2013

Card: Voice – from the Return to Spirit oracle cards by Cheryl Lee Harnish.




“Each of us has a unique expression. Whether you are being asked to sing, chant, pray speak, or teach – it is your voice that needs to be heard. This can also be related to simply stating what is true for you in your relationships. It could involve stating your point-of-view, needs, or desires – regardless of how different they may be.

It’s time to remember who you are. You are the spark of God. Stand up for yourself. Stand tall in what you believe. Speak from your heart and your words will always be heard. Your voice is a gift and it is meant to be shared. You are about to empower yourself in a way that you have not experienced before. You will notice that by taking this step of being vocal, you fall more into alignment of what you are really hear to do.”

Message from The Angels (via TAP): It is time to be heard! Why do you spend so much time mulling what you’re going to say over and over in your head? Why? Your voice is important. Often we give you messages to share and yet you do not give them voice to benefit those it may assist on their own journey. Your voice is not only words, it is your actions, your creative expression through art, media, fashion, food, poetry – you get what we mean. It is time to let the world know what you are hiding behind your beautiful voice. we can see the messages already. We’re waiting for you to share them. Love you all always.

Message from Erin: It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and I am enjoying some relaxing time here with my family. My mom, TAP, looked at the card the faeries had me pick for this weeks reading, and received this message from the Angels that we thought would be nice to share with everyone. 

I have to say that I had quite the chuckle when I picked this card, as I have repeatedly been hearing this message in the last week. I have also had some big discussions with my friend Zoraah this past week that has everything to do with this card. I am hearing the message loud and clear my faerie friends! 

I have been having some health issues in the past few weeks – it’s reoccurring issues that I have had over the past year and half. I will spare you the details, but basically it has come to my attention that the reason why I am not feeling physically well – despite eating very well and exercising – is that there is something in my life that I am doing that is not in alignment with my authentic self. The thing that is not in alignment with me is my job. It’s strange because it’s not that I don’t like my job – I like my job and I love the people that I work with – it’s just that it’s not what I really want to be doing at this time. What I would really like to be doing right now is doing some writing. Specifically, I would like to do some writing for the faeries. I would like to share their messages in a bigger and broader way, as I feel that the things that they have to say would be of great benefit to many people. So please heed from my own experience – when we aren’t doing the things that we would really like to be doing – when we aren’t saying the things we would really like to be saying – our bodies have a way of reminding us of what Spirit really wants. 

The faeries are telling me that, yes indeed, when we don’t listen to our Voice or when we don’t allow our Voice to express itself, whether it’s through speaking, writing, art, or any other form of expression, we are in a sense harming ourselves. Our Voice is a precious gift, and when we don’t allow it to be heard by others, we are denying ourselves and others a great deal of abundance and well-being. So please, everyone, please open up your hearts and allow your Voice to come through you. Please take good care of yourselves. You all have something precious to offer.

Much love, TAP, The Angels, Erin and The Faeries ❤


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