Lessons in Letting Go

Recently I have been learning some very important and difficult lessons in letting go.

The faeries, as well as my other guides, have been giving me very strong messages about letting go of things that are no longer serving me. This includes old patterns, habits, and ideas. There are a lot of things that I feel need to let go of. The most challenging part of letting go is letting go of people.

A friend of mine once told me “You don’t get to choose your friends, your friends choose you.” I used to hold on to this idea quite literally in a way where I felt that I had to stay in friendships no matter what because these people chose to be my friend and I needed to honour this in every possible way. Well, I realize now that although I am very fortunate that people choose me as a friend, it is not really serving anyone’s highest good if I stay in relationships and friendships that are unhealthy and aren’t in accordance with my highest good.

I’m going to be honest and say that I find it very difficult letting go of people, even when that person is not very nice to me and isn’t respecting me. I feel some sadness, guilt and frustration. I feel sad because even though a relationship really wasn’t working out, I still am able to remember all the fun times. I feel guilty because I feel on some level I am abandoning someone in this crazy world. I feel frustration because somewhere deep inside I feel terribly misunderstood by virtue of the fact that I think that the people I have to say good bye to don’t really understand that despite everything I really love them and value them.

Despite some of these unpleasant feelings, I also feel really good about my decisions. I feel good because I am really truly listening to my heart – my soul, and I am also really listening to the faeries, the angels and my other guardian spirits. Before, I used to ignore my intuition and my heart, and this would inevitably get me in to lots of trouble. Now, I am really learning to listen to myself and actually follow through with what is truly best for me. I am now understanding that it takes a lot of courage and self-respect to do this. I can tell you, without a doubt, that it is so important to trust yourself and to listen to those little messages that are niggling at you.

Even though it is really difficult to let go of these patterns, habits and people that are not serving our highest good, there really is no time like the present to start taking better care of ourselves. The faeries keep telling me that this is a very monumental time in our human history, and that all our actions now will have a major affect on our futures. So when we let go of all these things that aren’t good for us we allow for new opportunities – new patterns, new ideas and new friendships to come into our lives.

These aren’t really goodbyes, they are hellos.

Much love to all of you.

Erin ❤



3 thoughts on “Lessons in Letting Go

  1. love it. even sincere no’s in friendships that don’t end (as if our friendships ever end) have such a huge influence on the outcome of all the phenomenological unfoldings we know of as time/space… I’m so proud of you, and me and all of us for having the courage to say no, in the face of unreasonability, uncertainty and straight up bullsh*t. no matter who it comes from. If it takes a loss to preserve a gem… so be it

    • I’m proud of you too, my friend.
      I would also add that we aren’t really serving or helping a person who is bullying, belittling or not respecting our boundaries if we keep saying yes to them. This really isn’t doing anyone any favours. It’s just reinforcing their harmful behaviours and reinforcing our self-harm patterns.
      It’s true. our friendships never really do end since everyone else is just an aspect of ourselves. Can I un-friend myself? Haha!

      • Well. I guess, but why bother? We are so amazing and immaculate and infinite. One of our best qualities is to be present and adventurous and creative… That’s three qualities… Sigh.. We are surrounded by infinite change… I find once I accept this constant changing, I realize I can change…. And then prepare the transition through divine focus on myself. Selfish IS selfless. If I’m not well, I can’t help anyone.

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