It really brings joy to my heart to get positive feedback from people who I have helped in some sort of way. When I do a reading for someone, or when I do some healing work on someone, I do it because I really want to help people in whatever way I can help them. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know what I have assisted someone on their journey. The truth is that it really brings a lot of joy to my heart to do readings for people. It’s one of my favourite things to do. I learn so much about people and especially about myself when I do readings. Doing readings has really helped me to gain trust in the Universe and myself.

I just wanted to share with you a testimonial that someone wrote for me:

“When I met Erin through a mutual friend I could feel her passion for doing readings. I was relaxed in receiving a reading from Erin rather than from someone I didn’t feel a connection with. Previously, I had readings from others and very few have come close to bridging my life to the cards at hand.
I use to look at the readings as something to do for fun and still do at times, but there are questions I ask that are on a more serious side. Erin brings to light a sort of back up to how I actually feel, but that I just wanted to see if I had not seen another angle to my situation. This latest reading was bang on with a direction I was planning on going in one area of my life. In another area I was told to re-evaluate and I agree.
Erin’s readings are also poetic as I read through her email reply/reading to me. There are no blunt answers that leave you with a distant, cold feeling. I reflected on her reading and will carry it forward with me as I go from here.”

Thank you so much for this feedback, Anouk! It’s so great to get an affirmation like this.

Much love,



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