Faerie Card Reading for the Week of September 9th – 15th

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of September 9th – 15th

Card: Queen of the Golden Bough from The Heart of the Faerie Oracle cards by Brian and Wendy Froud.


“This is the queen of all things spiritual, of healing, and of transformation. If you choose the Queen of the Golden Bough, you are calling on the help of one of the true healing spirits of Faerie. You are seeking healing on a very ancient and fundamental level. Your need to heal and change may be so deeply embedded in your psyche that you may not know it is there. This queen calls for the healing of “world” sorrow, and the sorrow that wells up inside of you without having a specific cause that you can pinpoint. Listen to what the Queen of the Golden Bough has to tell you. She asks that you let go and allow her healing presence to nurture you. When you feel and overwhelming sadness that takes you by surprise, a sadness that seems to spring from the depths of your soul, meditating on this card can help you rebalance your emotions. It may also be time to let go of emotions that are stopping you from healing. These may be emotions that have a  more tangible cause but still overwhelm you at surprising times. Take a long look at how these emotions made you feel in the past, how are you feeling at this moment, and then let the card do its transformational work to lead you into the future.”

Message from the Faeries: Please accept this card as a blessing from us to you. Please open your hearts to receive the healing love that we are sending to you at this very moment. We hear your prayers and we want to answer them.

Some of these deep hurts that you feel that seem to be at the very core of your being, you have been carrying them around not just in your present lifetime, but for centuries. It is perhaps difficult for you to fathom this, but you are a soul that has been traveling around in this realm and others for a very long time. Your soul has so many stories to tell you, if you chose to listen. It’s quite alright if you just want to stay in the present moment and not remember the past. It can all be quite confusing to some of you as you seem to be very accustomed to experiencing your life in a linear fashion. Regardless, your soul carries all the memories of all your previous and future selves, as your spirit is like a crystal, retaining and recording your experiences.

As you can begin to imagine, you have experienced so many different things on your soul’s journey, and some of these experiences of been quite painful experiences. Sometimes these experiences become a recurrence from one life time to the next, as it seems your soul becomes slightly addicted to the pain-drama cycles. Often as well you re-experience these pain-dramas with the same people. It’s as though you are all trying to redo the same story in hopes of their being a different outcome.  In reliving these pain-dramas, you rip off the scab from previous wounds, experiencing the pain over and over again from lifetime to the next.

This is all fine and dandy, but we can see that many of you are getting tired of these pain-dramas. We hear your prayers, and we are ready to answer them. We hear that you want to write and new story for yourself. We hear that you are ready to heal these wounds at the core of your being, once and for all. We have our most powerful healing team standing by, they are sending you so much love and healing energies at this moment. We are surrounding you with so much beauty and love right now. Please accept or healing energies. Please accept our love into your hearts, and let this deep healing to begin.

It is time. It is time to start your soul’s deep healing journey and write a new story free from your old pain-dramas. The most important work you can do right at this very moment is to forgive yourself and forgive all others, and the rest will follow.

We love you.

The Faeries.


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