Faerie Card Reading for the Week of August 19th -25th, 2013

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of August 19th -25th, 2013

Card: Confidence – from the Faerie Reflections deck by Paulina Cassidy


(Sorry for the low quality image)

“Increasing your confidence will improve your life. It will open you to the excitement and energy needed to carry you through each day. Certain elements need to be mastered to be able to build solid inner confidence. Nurturing confidence involves the spiritual, emotional, mental and active parts of yourself that make up all you are. What it comes down to is how you see yourself and the world around you and your opinion about yourself. These will influence your actions and reactions.

Confidence requires care – be sure to treat yourself right. As a learned attitude and reaction, confidence is something that needs to be trained and developed. Feed your self-image with kindness, and recognize that you’re deserving and valuable. Have faith in your judgement and abilities. With self-belief, you’ll be able to handle the outcome of any situation. Self-acceptance is a necessary commodity on the road to inner confidence, which means that you must accept your weakness as much as your strengths. When you acknowledge respect for yourself as you are, you’ll grow into who you want to be. If you lack faith in your abilities, you might not make the effort to aim high for fear of defeat. By refraining from aiming high, the results in life’s efforts will bring a feeling of inferiority, feeding into a feeling of lack of accomplishment that leads to self-proclaimed confirmation.

Confidence is not a feeling of superiority, nor is it self-centeredness. Confidence is all about being in control of your reality, because you have the carte blanche over your life. making rules and acting in accordance with the standards you’ve selected. Confidence is having absolute certainty in your life’s purpose with the belief in yourself to keep you going and the self-assurance to get you there. It’s good for you to be proud of who you are! The results of confidence building will cause you to not only feel a shake and shiver of excitement about living your life to the fullest, but your enthusiasm will have a positive effect on those around you.”

Message from Erin: I don’t normally post out everything that the books say about a particular card, but the Faeries were pretty happy with this card and what Paulina Cassidy has to say about confidence. It really can’t be said much better than this. 

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have been struggling with my self-confidence issues my whole life, and I really feel like everything is coming down to this moment for me. This the crux of my inability to manifest certain things in my life…or rather is my lack in self-confidence that often has me turning away all the wonderful things coming my way. Example : last week as I was leaving the gym this very beautiful man with a huge smile was walking right towards me and looked like he really wanted to say hi to me. I looked at him for a moment and smiled, but then put my head down and kept walking. Yep…that’s what I did. So, yeah…confidence is such a key ingredient in our alchemical abilities. 

One thing that I have noticed is that as I am gaining more confidence in myself and my abilities, I find myself looking less and less towards others for their approval and this has been really great. Also, I have noticed that I am starting to create better boundaries for myself and with other people. I am becoming less tolerant of people being negative, mean and cruel around me. It’s just plain not acceptable!

I pray for everyone on their journeys and wish you all muchos confidence. The world needs us to be strong, loving, compassionate and healthy warriors.

Much love,



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