A new testamonial, from my Mom :)

Erin is my daughter. Beyond my love for her I love that her relationship with the faerie folk, angels and guides continues to expand to new levels of understanding every day. Her abilities to communicate and work on our behalf with these special beings, through card readings and healing work, has been a pleasant and sometimes humorous experience.

I receive insightful readings regularly and find that what Erin presents to me is something I can use in my daily life, in a spiritual or practical way. For my birthday she laid out for me a 12 months reading. As the reading unfolds each month it’s interesting to see how the information provided actually prepares me for or applies to my needs for understanding my life experiences during the month.

I trust that Erin will continue to provide us with exceptionally skilled readings and healing work. Thank you.

Love and Blessings,    Mom


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