Faerie Card Reading for the Week of Feb 11 – 17, 2013

Faerie Card Reading for the Week of Feb 11 – 17, 2013

Card: 45 Taitin the Sylph – from The Faeries Oracle deck by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth.


“What we see here is mental quickness, adaptability, and enthusiasm. Ideas and opinions abound. A few are brilliant, but others vary from mediocre to downright silly. Be selective. Mental and psychic abilities may be awakening. Independent thinking is in operation. New ideas and new versions of old ideas are creating an excitement effervescent atmosphere. Avoid excess and extremes. Minds may change often as new ideas and new ways of seeing bubble to the surface.

Out of conflict and confusion, resolved by good will and clear thinking, a new and better understanding may come.”

Message from Erin: The faeries really wanted me to talk about this card because of a dream I had the other night. Two nights ago I had a dream where there was a being standing beside my bed, and I asked one of my friends, who was there with me in the dream, what that being wanted and she said that the being was there to help open my third eye some more. The being then put their hand up to my forehead, and then all of a sudden I had the super sharp pain where my third eye was and I started to scream and hold my head. I was in so much pain!!

I felt fine when I woke up, but I definitely felt a bit different, and I firmly believe that some healing work was done on me while I was sleeping. The being that did the work on me was an angel. I have asked the faeries why it hurt so much; they laughed and said that the reason why it hurt so much and why it was so vivid was so that I would remember my astral dream when I woke in the morning. Ha! Go figure.

The reason why the faeries wanted me to tell you about my dream was that they said that there is a lot of healing work being done right now on the planet. There are some major shifts happening for the next few weeks and some serious gridwork being done across the globe. There is also some work being done to assist healers and psychic people right now. Essentially, the people who are ready are getting some major upgrades at the moment. Everyone on the planet is actually getting some upgrades right now. The reason why this card was pulled was because the faeries wanted to let everyone know what was going on right now. The faerie in this card is much like all the faeries around the planet who are assisting us all with the new information and enhanced abilities that are coming in for us. Some of you can expect to feel more or aware, or to feel like some veils are being dropped. Some people will begin to see their manifestations happen more quickly (be careful what you ask for!).  Some of you might start having more vivid and meaningful dreams. Some of you will start to see things that you aren’t used to seeing, like light beings or faeries. Some of you will be feeling more intuitive.

The faeries want everyone to know that some of these changes might be a little intense, but they are confident that we will only be given what we can handle, and if you decide you don’t want it you can always send it back! They also want us to know that it’s a good idea to set boundaries with ourselves and with others, so if we are ever feeling overwhelmed, take a step back and relax. Give yourself some space. If you feel like you are being called to do something and you don’t want to do it – DON’T DO IT!! They want us to be happy and to enjoy our lives. There is just one thing though…they really want me to tell you this: When we help others and we help the planet, we are also helping ourselves (and of course vice versa). It’s kind of a paradox, if you ask me, but the faeries insist that you will reap the rewards of your hard work if you do decide to assist and help the planet and do actions that benefit all human beings (including taking care of yourself).  So yeah, it’s all good!


Thank you,



4 thoughts on “Faerie Card Reading for the Week of Feb 11 – 17, 2013

  1. Yo, I have been seeing blue and white sparkly lights Everywhere the last few days. It’s like even though things are intense and emotional and challenging… The fairies and Angels are still here and reminding me that they are guiding and supporting all unfoldings.

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