Faerie Card Reading for the Week of Dec 24-30

Faerie Card Reading for the week of Dec 24-30

Card: 29 Ta’Om the Poet – from The Faeries Oracle deck by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth


“When Ta’Om turns up in a reading, his presence suggests that youthful spirits and energy abound. This is the time to do exciting things and tackle projects  you’ve been wanting to do but for which you perhaps felt you didn’t have the time or energy. It may even  be the time to write about them, but you probably need to do them first.

Ta’Om often shows up in readings for people who have a talent and inclination for writing —poetry, adventure, fantasy, or anything else. Possibly the only thing he ever gets very serious about is his writing, and he will spend all the time he needs searching for just the right word. Speaking and writing with conviction and sincerity and the ability to persuade other are indicated by Ta’Om’s presence, along with an outpouring of ideas.

You may also find yourself thinking about romance and deciding that you want more of it in your life. This doesn’t  necessarily mean looking for someone new, it might well involve putting some romantic fizz into a relationship that has become overly routine.”

Erin’s Reading: I asked the faeries what message they have for this, they giggled and they told me that I had the floor on this reading today, so I here it is:

This card at first confused me. For whatever reason I thought this faerie was a little bit scary, which is really funny after I read about the card because he is not scary at all. He likes to wear masks to trick us into thinking that he something that he is not. He likes to play pretend a lot.

This card couldn’t be more perfect for right now, really. Right now is the perfect time for us to play and have fun, but it is also time for us to stop pretending to be something we are not or someone that we aren’t actually happy being. We are at this most amazing apex in time and we are on a really strong learning curve. I recently watched a video of Mayan talking about this moment in time, and he was saying that it was important right now to write down all of the information that is coming into our being right now, because there is just so much amazing things coming in. We might find it overwhelming, but if we write down our thoughts, ideas and experiences, we will be able to look back on it and reflect some day. It will help us with our learning process and help us to share our new knowledge and experiences with other. One clear message of this card is that it would be a really good idea to do some writing right now.

The faeries just chimed in: “Don’t forget to tell them to play and have lots of fun!” Right?!! Explore your mischievous side! Remember that naughty thing you did as a kid that gave you such a thrill? Why did you ever stop having fun? There is no need for guilt, blame or shame anymore. Stop judging yourself! Is there some person that you have been thinking of recently that you wanted to ask on a date? Why don’t you ask them? The worse that they can do is say no, and if they say no then clearly they weren’t the right person for you in the first place. You don’t need to waste anymore time and energy on them. BUT, what if they say yes?!! Well then…have fun!

Best wishes to you all!!!

xo Erin

p.s. The faeries just said: “And don’t forget to tell them do dance”. Haha! So, go on then, turn on some tunes and shake that thing! ❤


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