Faerie Card Reading for the Week of Dec 17-23

Faerie Card Reading for the week of Dec 17-23

Card: 32 The Faerie of Youth – from The Heart of Faerie Oracle deck by Brian and Wendy Froud

“Approach things with youthful enthusiasm and a child’s assumption of limitless ability, and you may find that you too can do things you never imagined possible. Why limit yourself?”

Message from the Faeries: When most of you were children, many of you had huge imaginations. You were also more open to the Universe and the endless possibilities of the world around you. If you were to open up your memory banks, many of you will remember seeing strange and miraculous things in your world around you as a child. You may have memories of you seeing other-worldly creatures. Maybe you spoke to animals and they somehow spoke back to you. Perhaps you saw events that would happen in the future. Some of you might have this vivid memory that you flew and you just know that it wasn’t a dream. Unfortunately, sometimes these experiences may have been frightening for some of you, and some of you may have experienced some trauma in your life that made you feel like you had to close yourself off from these experiences, and you may have lost trust in the Universe and life itself. Under the circumstances of the reality being projected to you, many of you began to feel uncomfortable about these experiences and you tucked them away somewhere deep into your subconscious. We want you to know that those experiences were real. They are real to you and in the end that is all that really matters. You don’t have to hide them from yourself anymore. You don’t have speak badly about them and brush them off because they make other people uncomfortable. We would love for you to allow yourself to return to this state of child-like wonder and to be open to what the Universe has to offer you. We strongly encourage you to let go of the limitations that you have placed on yourselves and your reality. What is it that you want to create? What’s stopping you? What are you afraid of? Become that child and open up your heart to endless possibilities, and trust that Universe will provide you with the nurturing, love and abundance that is yours to have. When you open yourself up and trust, then you are able to receive the things that you have been asking for. Many blessings to you, The Faeries.Dec 16


1 thought on “Faerie Card Reading for the Week of Dec 17-23

  1. I think you’re onto something big here…love the message…I see something manifesting from this event-ually. 7 more sleeps Yeah!!

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